"Professionalism, competence and flexibility at the service of our customers"

Ricerca e sviluppo fiorio colori spa


Technical Assistance

The technical assistance service has taken up a central role in our organization, offering customers high-quality and highly efficient technical support. Our team is known for its essential characteristics: competence, flexibility and speed. Our technicians are available for our customers to quickly single out the best solutions for all applications.


Research & Development

The technical staff is always committed to the research and development of new solutions, many of which have been suggested by our customers’ specific needs. The development of increasingly innovative products is based on the company knowledge and know-how that has been gained over more than 90 years of business experience in colours.


Product Quality

The control of the Product Quality includes the continuous and constant monitoring of the entire production process, ensuring the necessary quality standards from the incoming raw materials up to the finished product going out. Our laboratory ensures a strict control and the necessary technical support, using the most advances analysis methods. The customer is guaranteed complete traceability “from the sample to the supply” of the entire production batch.