"Establishing with the Customer a lasting relationship based on mutual satisfaction"

Certificazione fiorio colori


The integrated management of quality, environmental impact and work safety is understood as a strategic factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and the protection of both the environment and the company’s resources. Our entire structure is organized around the concept of Quality, a necessary investment that we consider a priority. In a market that increasingly sacrifices the quality/safety aspects of work in order to pursue low-cost policies, we are committed to continue offering a safe product with a guarantee. We manage our Quality System a special software that manages, records and makes available in real time all documents regarding all planned activities:

  • Preventive actions
  • Corrective actions
  • Improvement plans
  • Quality policy
  • Commitment of the management etc.
  • Operating procedures

FIORIO COLORI obtained Quality System certification in 1995, with the certificate Nr. 326 issued by Certiquality. FIORIO COLORI is registered with the FDA for the production of food colours for the American market.