"Establishing with the Customer a lasting relationship based on mutual satisfaction"

Certificazione fiorio colori


The integrated management of quality, environmental impact and work safety is understood as a strategic factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and the protection of both the environment and the company’s resources. Our entire structure is organized around the concept of Quality, a necessary investment that we consider a priority. In a market that increasingly sacrifices the quality/safety aspects of work in order to pursue low-cost policies, we are committed to continue offering a safe product with a guarantee. We manage our Quality System a special software that manages, records and makes available in real time all documents regarding all planned activities:

  • Preventive actions
  • Corrective actions
  • Improvement plans
  • Quality policy
  • Commitment of the management etc.
  • Operating procedures

FIORIO COLORI obtained Quality System certification in 1995, with the certificate Nr. 326 issued by Certiquality. FIORIO COLORI is registered with the FDA for the production of food colours for the American market.


"Want to colour your ideas? We have the right solution for you"


albero colori


Fiorio has always regarded both quality and service in order to obtain customer satisfaction

through a process of continuous improvement.

In fact, our main goal is that of implementing and maintaining a company system organized around

and focused on the customer.




"Since 1914, a tradition that continues still today"


1914 - A new company was founded in Milan in Via Porpora 89. Cesare Florio established a business mostly based on the trading of food dyes. That’s the beginning of a story that has been going on successfully for more than 90 years. Fiorio Colori spa
1932 - It is in the new headquarters in Via Porpora 93, the Fratelli Fiorio widens its own business activity by supplying its Italian customers also with wood dyes, alongside blends of food dyes.
1945 - At Via Asiago 14 in Milan, the first factory was built to produce synthetic organic colourings for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, in addition to industrial dyes for the textile and wood industry. Exports towards several European countries began.
1969 - The second generation moved Company to its new facility in Gessate (Milan), at Via Italia 28, in order to expand and strengthen the production activities. The export, as well as in the European countries, it is asserted also in the extra-European nations.
1985 - Fratelli Fiorio s.r.l. changed its name to Fiorio Colori s.p.a.
1989 - Fiori Colori Spa embarked on a development process based on an in-depth restructuring of its organization and production. They were aiming at technological innovation, the development of new products, the improvement of quality standards and commercial growth.
1995 - The company is among the first in Italy to obtain the UNI EN 29002-ISO 9002 certification. In 2002, it also obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2004 - Fiorio Colori Spa reached its third generation. The company, having completely renewed its production structure and sales organization, acquires a prominent position in Europe and in the world of food colouring sector. It is in fact today the only European producer offering a complete range of synthetic colourings.
2010 - The new production unit at Via Fermi, in Gessate, became operational, dedicated exclusively to natural colours.

2011 -


2016 -

The new R&D laboratory was unveiled – with a new staff and new equipment to quickly, professionally and efficiently meet their customers’ most diverse application requirements.

Starting from 12th July 2016, Fiorio Colori SpA has become a member company of Aromata Group (www.aromatagroup.net)

Fiorio Colori will continue operating as a legal entity in its current production site in Gessate, where also the Commercial and R&D offices are based.